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ClueEpisode Title
I don't have low self esteem, I have low esteem for everyone else
Daria is invited to Brittany's party
Daria and Quinn visit a college
The cafe is robbed
The class takes a field trip to the mall
Claude and Romonica teach a class
Kevin and Daria work on a science project together
Daria babysits
Quinn is convinced she needs plastic surgery
Daria is grounded!
Daria, Jane, Trent, and Jesse all go to a music festival
Daria and her family all go camping in the woods
A local hero dies, everyone turns to Daria because she knows about depressing things
She knows she's a winner she couldn't be thinner now she goes to the bathroom and vomits up dinner
Paintball fieldtrip
Quinn is 'smart'
Little Erin is getting married
Daria and Jane make a video about a day in Quinn's life
For the last time, Daria and Ted are NOT going out!
Grove Hills
ClueEpisode Title
Medieval Fair
Jane joins the track team
Daria gets a hole in her belly button for Trent
Daria writes a story using people she knows as fictional characters
Daria gets contacts
Daria volunteers at a nursing home
Holiday Island
School Dance
Daria gets a job...with nuts including Kevin
The Lane Family Episode
Jake get a heart attack
Daria must bail Jane and Mystic Spiral out of jail
Alien Activity
Casino cruise fieldtrip
Tom's First appearance
Daria is still mad at Jane over Tom and doesn't want to work with her on the project
Wilderness and Hiking Fieldtrip
Kevin runs into Tommy Sherman's tree
Daria's dream about Kevin's death
ClueEpisode Title
The class has to pick something they'd fail at
Daria and Jake bond and Helen and Quinn bond
The Morgendorffers go to a spa
Big, huge store with everything
Urban legends
Quinn has a guardian angel
The house burns
Jane wants to be the lady and the tiger
Ultra Cola
Daria and Tom's anniversary
Sandi gains weight
Summer camp reunion
Daria submits a story to a magazine
The teachers strike
Jane does art recreations
Quinn tries to get a steady boyfriend
Jane goes out with a guy who dresses for the 1940's
Rita causes Helen to work when she said was taking a break
Daria, Jodie, and Upchuck all compete for the same scholarship
Daria and Tom have the sex talk
Daria hides in a refrigerator box

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