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Can you name the episodes of Jake and Amir?

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Forced Order
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Amir shows off his math skills.
Amir pulls off an epic prank on Jake.
Jake reluctantly partcipates in a video letter from Amir to his mom.
Jake does the unthinkable to hide his muscial tastes.
Amir tries to burp.
Jake tries to joke around with Amir.
Amir faces a dastardly foe: Jake's new computer.
Amir disregards Jake's advice about Pat's brownies.
Amir demonstrates just how important good manners are to him.
Amir discovers the difference between dreams and reality.
Amir develops a new TV show.
Jake's friend from high school visits the office.
Jake and Amir try to work during lunch.
A trip into Amir's deepest fantasy.
Jake explains to Amir how he disrupts other's fun.
Amir creates a website.
Amir makes Jake take a break.
The astronaut accountants are back.
Pat helps Amir have a normal conversation with Jake.
Jake and Amir fill out their NCAA Brackets.
Amir helps Jake motivate the interns.
Jake learns that a plane is not enough to get rid of Amir.
Amir meets Jake's friends and family.
Tragedy strikes while filming another episode of Ace and Jocelyn.
Sarah and Jake give Amir a nutrition quiz.
Amir sticks up for Jake.
Ace's Space Doritos get poisoned.
Amir creates a MySpace account to meet babe magnets.
Jake and his friends attempt to watch the game with Amir.
Amir demonstrates his skills as a wingman.
Amir's story is undone by the office's CCTV camera.
Ace and Jocelyn face a supervillian.
Amir has a crush. And it's not on Jake.
Amir attempts to ask Hallie out.
Jake acts like Amir.
Jocelyn faces a shocking betrayal.
Dan gives Jake notes on a script. Amir's there too.
Jake and Amir go on vacation.
Jake tries to convince Amir to not throw a hammer at him.
Amir gets a secretary.
Sarah, Jeff, Jake and Amir play monopoly.
Jake signs Amir up for a dating service.
Amir goes off-topic with his brain teaser.
Jake interviews an internship applicant: Amir.
Jake and Amir try their hands at carpentry.
Amir explains Twitter to Jake.
Jake tries to explain the economic crisis to Amir.
Sam speaks on Amir's behalf.
Pat and Amir attempt to cheer Jake up with booze.
Pat and Sarah try to hide the truth from Jake.
Sarah tries to reconcile with Jake.
Amir gives Jake a gift.
Jake, Streeter, Pat and Dan smoke weed. Amir doesn't approve.
Amir freestyles.
Amir locks Jake out. Of Jake's apartment.
Jake takes a video of Amir for his friends back home.
Amir's cousin visits the office.
Jake and Amir scare each other.
Amir gets a new girlfriend.
Jake gets glasses.
Amir unveils a hidden talent.
Amir doesn't drop stuff.
Sam and Amir stumble upon news about Jake.
Amir visits Jake on his sick day.
Jake and Amir share a goodbye.
Amir gets a new deskmate.
Jake flirts with his new female deskmate.
Jake and Amir continue to bond with their new coworkers.
Amir doesn't understand homosexuality, and Jake annoys Amanda.
Amanda gives Jake an ultimatum.
Jake makes his decision.
Amir lays down new ground rules with Jake.
Amir calls Jake from his landline.
Jake and Amir fill out their NCAA Brackets.
Amir tries to agree with Jake.
Jake's friend's sister gets engaged.
Sam and Amir play video games.
Amir goes on a new diet. For Masters.
Amir sneaks up on Jake in the bathroom.
Jake and Sarah help Amir hide an embarassing video. On Digg.
Jake is reuinted with his long-lost brother.
Jake doesn't believe Amir about Kumail.
Amir tries to out Kumail in front of Jake.
Kumail reveals his true colors to Jake.
Jake tries to convince Amir to sign up for a community service program.
Amir shows off his knowledge of fashion.
Jeff teaches Jake and Amir Catan.
Amir may have swine flu.
Amir and his band perform.
Amir steals Jake's cookie.
Jake tries to convice Amir to quit.
Jake tries to comfort Sarah.
Amir attempts to cast Jake's understudy.
Amir tries to convince Jake he's writing an e-mail, not playing a video game.
Dating coach Amir Blumenfeld helps Amir with the ladies.
Jake and Amir continue taking Amir Blumenfeld's advice.
Jake and Amir's night out in text messages.
Amir gives Jake the silent treatment.
Amir shares the secret of 'audio coupons' with Jake.
Jake describes Amir's night to him.

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