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Can you name the things associated with gold, or containing 'gold' in the name?

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The City of Gold
Do unto others...
Everything this mythological king touched turned into gold
James Bond movie turned N64 video game
The best weapon in this video game
If you are rich (or a pirate) and you lose an incisor playing polo (or pillaging and plundering), you might get a ______ _____
Periodic Table Symbol for 'Gold'
Austin Powers in __________
Among the versions of this game are: Gold, Silver, Leaf Green, Ruby, and Yellow
Someone who dates another soley for the money
In first grade, do something right and you are likely to get one of these
California, 1848-1855
The first one was too hot, the second one was too cold, but the third was just right...
Flower that usually blooms in golden, orange, yellow, or white, usually with maroon highlights
A predatory bird, well known throughout the Northern Hemisphere
This award recognizes excellence in film and television
This structure lies in San Francisco, California
A variety of apple
Young Charlie Bucket's adventures began with this item
Euphemism for 'oil'
Colors of the Green Bay Packers
General Mills cereal 'With ridges that rock!'
Buffet-like American restaurant
Most easily recognizable symbol in the world, the logo of a major fast food company
Christopher Walken makes these after he puts his pants on, one leg at a time...
The spaceship in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, or a Neil Young Song

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