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historical hint box
ending of S1
haos bakugan/brawler
s1 true enemy- Bakugan/ Human
water/wind S1 Naga's minions
s2 haos baku/ brawl
end of S5
S2 pyrus brother
s3 haos person/ baku
his partner is
end of S3
s4 darkus rival/ baku
s3 final enemy with bakugan
planets S3
s1 name
s2 subterra person/bakugan
s4 king bakugan
s5 haos battler/ baku
core (2) S1
s4 darkus king
s3 darkus/ baku
historical hint box
s3 subterra person/ baku
end of S4
he was the pyrus main brawler
s5 name
ending of season 2
s4ventus rival/ baku
aquos bakugan/brawler
s2 main enemy- (ending enemys)
earth/light S1 Naga
S2 subterra sidekick
subterra bakugan/brawler
s3 name
dark/ fire S1 Naga
White Ones S1
s4 name
s5 enemy human/ other form
darkus bakugan/ brawlers
the ventus baku/brawler
s2 darkus bakugan/brawler
s2 name

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