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Can you name the The exceptional pokemon every category?

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The Only Pokémon Thats...PokémonExtra Info
Water-Normal Pokemon
Water-Bug Pokemon
Steel-Dragon Pokemon
Ghost-Bug Pokemon
Ghost-Electric Pokemon
Fire-Rock Pokemon
Steel-Water Pokemon
Ghost-Ice Pokemon
Psychic-Normal Pokemon
Grass-Fighting Pokemon
Fire-Steel Pokemon
Grass-Ground Pokemon
Ghost-Dragon Pokemon
Dark-Rock Pokemon
Flying-Rock Pokemon
The Only Pokémon Thats...PokémonExtra Info
Electric-Flying Pokemon
Steel-Fighting Pokemon
Steel-Flying Pokemon
Ground-Steel Pokemon
Pokemon That Has Only 1 Move
Has 7 Evolutions
He's Not A Legendary Pokemon, Yet His Species Are 'Legendary'
Only He Has First Letter _
Has 2 Words In His Name
Tall And Light
Can Change His Type
His Pokemon # Is X: (a! + a! + a!) / a = X = a * a * 10
Heavy Ice-Type Pokemon
Fighting-Type That Doesn't Evolve

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