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DescriptionWreckDate Sunk
One of the most famous warships of WW2, in its 135 hours of action it managed to sink HMS Hood, pride of the Royal Navy.27th May, 1941
Side-wheel steam ship, sank approx. 100 miles of the coast of Georgia carrying a large load of gold and silver coins.25th October, 1865
One of the first ships with the ability to fire broadside, she was pride of the English fleet for over 30 years, sank in battle with the French.19th July, 1545
Probably the most famous shipwreck in the world, being from Belfast all I have to say is, she was working fine when she left port!15th April, 1912
Sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, this ship retains the right, in perpetuity, to fly the United States flag as if she were an active, commissioned naval vessel.7th December, 1941
This ships sinking, which took the lives of 1,198 of the 1,959 people aboard, contributed to American entry into WW1.7th May, 1915
One of French explorer La Salle's ships, its name means 'the beauty'.1686
This was a ship of the Dutch East India Company which sank on her maiden voyage, better known for the subsequent mutiny and massacre among the survivors.4th June, 1629
The discovery of this wreck, just off Crete, is perhaps one of the most important ever, as among the salvage was the world's oldest known analog computer.1st or 2nd Century BC
Built at a time when Sweden was one of the major players in Europe, this ship sank less than a nautical mile into her maiden voyage.10th August, 1628
The world's largest battleship ever built, the ship held special significance to the Empire of Japan as a sign of its Naval Power.7th April, 1945

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