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Can you name the specified item within each religious set?

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The member of the Christian Trinity also called the Paraclete
The member of the Hindu Trimurti known as the Creator
The first of the Books of Moses
The Horseman of the Apocalypse who rides a pale horse
The lowest of the principal castes (varnas) in Hinduism
The Catholic sacrament that must be performed on two people at once
The earliest-born of the Ushpizin who are invited on Sukkot
The judge in Hades who was Ariadne's uncle
The New Testament Gospel that's not synoptic
The theological virtue on the flag of Rhode Island
The original apostle of Jesus replaced by Matthias
The son of Noah traditionally considered the progenitor of Europeans
The deadly sin symbolized by Mammon
The Pillar of Islam that appears on the Saudi flag
The comforter of Job who was a Shuhite
The defender of Thebes who fought Tydeus, according to Aeschylus
The eldest of the Gorgons in Greek mythology
The Grace who shares her name with a Muse and a Nereid
The first of the Rightly Guided Caliphs in Sunni Islam
The Fury who disguised herself as Calybe in the Aeneid
The youngest of Adam and Eve's children named in the Bible
The Muse of sacred song
The Greek Fate who measures the thread of life
The Jewel of Buddhism mentioned in a Jack Kerouac title
The Wise Man customarily said to have brought myrrh
In the Catholic hierarchy of angels, the order to which Michael belongs
Amazon garment sought in one of the Labours of Hercules

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