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Biblical prophet who tried to flee to Tarshish
Disyllabic name shared by 13 Catholic popes
Greek goddess of the dawn
Hunter blinded by Oenopion and killed by a scorpion
Norse god who wields Mjölnir
Reigning pope when Rome adopted Christianity
Shiva's consort, often depicted standing on him
Brother of Harun and Maryam in Islam
Greek equivalent of the Romans' Cupid
Name adopted by Claude Vorilhon
Ritual washing, such as before prayer
Main villain of the Biblical book of Esther
Sacred flower associated with Vishnu and Lakshmi
Emotion embodied by the Greek god Phobos
___ of Galilee, site of miracles in the Gospels
Theban king killed by his son Oedipus
Legendary brother of Romulus
Follower of the heresy nixed by the Council of Nicaea
One-armed Norse god of justice
Egyptian symbol of life, also called crux ansata
Clerical residence, akin to a manse or vicarage
God whose priests were outsleuthed by Daniel
Lulav source, or the Sunday before Easter
Greek god of war
Bible book mentioning a dispute over Moses' body
Classic 13th-century hymn 'Stabat ____'
Laocoön's son, the twin brother of Melanthus
Hamartiology's subject
Zoroastrians in South Asia
___ of the Covenant, a gold-plated chest
His father nearly put him to death for eating honey
Mother of Apollo
Keeper of the Winds in the Odyssey and Aeneid
Prayer, as mentioned after Hamlet's soliloquy
Cow-goddess whose name means 'mansion of Horus'
Saul's destination at the time of his conversion
Apocalyptic horse-riding avatar of Vishnu
Gorgon beheaded by Perseus
Greek goddess of summer, according to Nonnus
Jacob's name after wrestling with an angel
Forgiveness of sins, as in the sacrament of penance
Monkey-like god important in the Ramayana
Founder of Neoplatonism and author of 'Enneads'
Object against which Anubis weighs a heart
Beeri's son, the title prophet of a Bible book
Heresiarch condemned by Augustine of Hippo
Liturgical exhortation, Latin for 'let us pray'
Name of six popes, including the only English pope
Any goat-like companion of Pan or Dionysus
Acronym-derived name for the Hebrew canon
Dining hall in a monastery or seminary
First murder victim in the Bible
The most famous one is the twenty-third
Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt
Deborah was the Bible's only female one
Surname of Puritan ministers Cotton and Increase
King of the Laestrygonians in the Odyssey
Oliver Plunkett, Joan of Arc, or Albertus Magnus, e.g.
Populist group often at odds with the Sadducees
Evangelist who founded the Church of Alexandria

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