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QUIZ: Can you name the Smash Bros 64 ULTRA QUIZ?

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Hyrule castle is also home to another location in the zelda series. What is in the background?
There is only one unlockable stage in the game. What is it?
Who is the first hidden character you witness the gameplay of?
This villain makes a cameo appearance on kirby's dream land.
Who is the character with the most playable outfits?
Sakurai has said that smash 64 was slated to have a few other characters. Who was the only standalone (non-shared-franchise) character?
There are two unlockable menu items. one is item switch. what is the other?
There are many pokemon visible on saffron city. Which rare pokemon appears in the background?
How many different pokemon can be used in items?
In terms of percent, it is the most damaging move in the game.
The starting eight characters are organized the character select screen by...
What color are the flowers on the bushes on dreamland?
Koopas make an appearance on mushroom kingdom. What other Mario bros. enemy is present in the background jumping on a trampoline?
The 'vs record' screen has three percentages available for viewing for each character in a table. What are they?
The training mode cpu's have commands. Four of them are stand, walk, jump and attack. What is missing?
There is only one move the cpu will never perform, even if it's on level 9. What is it?
In order, what are the colors of the player selection hands?
Ness has two accessories. One is a snapback (hat for you nerds). What is the other?
At what point besides their appearances in one player mode/versus mode do we see all of the hidden characters?
What do respawn platforms have on their bottoms?
On the desk in the opening sequence, there are four items. Two of them are books and a lamp. What are the other two?
Kirby has a move that can be reflected and absorbed. What is it?
According to the character information screen, how tall is kirby?
Upon achieving one million points in 1p mode, what does the announcer screech?
What is kirby riding in his 1p victory screen?

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