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2005I put on an argyle sweater and put on a smile/I don't know how to do this
1980Isn't it weird?/Looks too obscure to me
2010Never was much of a romantic/I could never take the intimacy
1992I've got one holy life to live/I've got one holy life to give
1991Turn around and smile/No, they can't see through your eye
1967Hummingbirds hum/Why do they hum?
1975His father died and left him a little farm in New England
2004They say a watched pot won't ever boil/Well, I closed my eyes and nothing changed/Just some water getting hotter in the flames
1984C-c-c-cucumber/C-c-c-cabbage/C-c-c-cauliflower/Men on Mars, April showers
1967I'm standing on a ledge and your fine spider web is fastening my ankle to a stone
1979The happy ever after/It's at the end of the rainbow
1973A touch of rain and sunshine made the flower grow/Into a lovely smile that's blooming
1970Under a loop of stars in the vulgar cold/The dead airport lay
2009I love your long shadows and your gunpowder eyes
1987I'll be grazing by your window/Please come pat me on the head
1985I'm lying on the floor of the night before/With a stranger lying next to me
2000Now Peter Piper picked a pepper, that was his downfall
1994Sew that secret shut from eyes that see it/'Cause seeing is believing
1979New York, New York, 42nd Street/Hustlers rustle and pimps pimp the beat
1977Chirp, chirp/The birds/They're giving you the words
1967And if epiphany's terror reduced you to shame/Have your head bobbed and weaved/Choose a side to be on
2005Draper street caught me believing/Split their eyes on all the ceilings
1988I'm the cocker on the rock/Wind is whipping through my stupid mop
1984Drive your ma to the bank/Tell your pa you got a date
1989In the land of strangers/there are dangers
2007There's a cow and an ostrich just waiting for you!/A glass of apple cider just waiting for you!
2009All this movement has just proved/your kisses are too fine
1997It barks at no one else but me/Like it's seen a ghost
1977Too, too high a price/To drink rotting wine from your hands
1984But I don't want a lover, I just want to be tied/To the back of your car
1985And they all pretend they're orphans/And their memory's like a train
2002Hiding in the water/Under the sea/Under the water/We've got all the money
1966A lifetime is so short/A new one can't be bought
2005I strain and strain to make ends meet/Five spirits on the Grand Marquee
1966And now I stand here looking at your yellow railroad/In the ruins of your balcony
1984You put your cleanest dirty shirt on/Then you stagger down to meet the dawn
1988And if you, oh mother oh mother of mine/Have fallen in love with a man who imports cola/That would be fine
1986Wake up and smell the cat food in your bank account
2010If pathos is borne, borne out of bullshit/In formal attire/I'll score you a string ensemble
2007The thunder moves/Like damn drawers slamming in my frame/Slamming in my framework
1999I'll be your mistress C.O.D./I'll comb your hair, rewrite your diary
1985Oh, you should see my trail of disgrace/It's enough to scare the whole human race
1994And we're finally here/And **** yeah, it's cool
2005Guiding you, a voice is coming from behind the stage/Finding you, a voice is found on a missing page
1995All of the subatomic pieces come together and unfold themselves in a second
2007She ain't my thug no more, ain't no kind of killer/And she can break them off if she damn well please just as long as she brings it home to me
1995Let's lock the door, hide the key/I'll try to look like you if you'll dress up like me
1999No one means what they say/And you can tell as clear as deep-sea fish/All internal organs and glowing eyes
1984Hey, take a listen/Tell me, do you like what you hear?
1983[incoherent mumbling]

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