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1. Wheatley is in charge of this many test subjects.a. GLaDOS hopes you brought something stronger than this.
2. Who is Chell's best friend?b. These are in impenetrable cages in the advanced testchamber 16
3. Color of Atlasc. Gabe Newell receives this number of emails for every game that is released.
4. Wheatley sends you into the facility because he needs this to escape.d. CEO and founder of Aperture Science
5. What test subjects are given at the conclusion of the teste. Color of Repulsion Gel
6. White spherical things that are filled with bulletsf. What is one sphere obsessed with?
7. These are made from natural light GLaDOS pumps in from the surface.g. Was invited to your party
8. Does not accept lemonsj. One is broken in testchamber 7 (of Portal 2)
9. Knock down 33 for an achievement (Portal)h. Good for defending against turrets but does not interfere with portal placement
10. Color of P-bodyi. They watch you at all times and are supposedly 'vital'
11. Also known as an Incandescent Particle Fieldk. Color of Propulsion Gel

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