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Can you name the American Literature period based off the hint?

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Forced Order
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Cultural movement centered in a portion of NYC
Started around 2000 BC
Lasted from 1607-1750
Started because of King Henry VIII
Lasted from 1915-1945
Used a highly ornate style of writing
Start of persuasive writing
Stories were passed down throughout the generations through stories, performances, songs, and ceremonies
America starts to experiment with fiction
Time when people realized they could make money writing
Lasted from 1750-1800
People start adopting Deism
Caused by the end of the Civil War
First offshoot of Romancticism
Marked a diversity of expression among blacks
Mood is gloomy and foreboding
Response to romanticism
Arrogant in their religious faith
Writers broke away from traditional values
Time when America had 500 languages

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