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What person, whose number is retired by the Yankees, nit the first ever World Series home run at Yankee Stadium?
The hitter when Willie Mays made 'The Catch'
He pitched the first perfect game in the National League during the 20th century
The first Yankee manager under George Steinbrenner
The only man to pitch a no-hitter in his first major league start
Only unassisted triple play in World Series History
Had the record for consecutive innings played before Cal Ripken
Spahn and Sain and pray for rain' Who was third on the '57 Braves in games started?
Last Triple Crown winner
This Hall of Famer homered in his first major league at bat ... and never homered again
This major leaguer was the son of the host on television's 'Hollywood Squares'
The only player with 500 career hits for 4 different teams
The player with the most career home runs who never led the league
He played Babe Ruth in the movie 'Pride of the Yankees'
He was on deck when Bobby Thomson hit 'The Shot Heard Round the World'

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