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Under the Articles of Confederation, how many votes did a state get in Congress
The Articles of Confederation gave the federal government the power to do what
What system maintains separation of power
The compromise that determined how slaves would be counted toward a State's population
Jefferson and Hamilton's differing views gave rise to what system
What happened in 1803 that suddenly doubled the size of the US
Alexander Hamilton belonged to which political party
Which political party from the 1790's would support the national bank
Who shot Alexander Hamilton
What event established that the federal government could enforce federal laws within states
Which president made the Louisiana Purchase
What slave led a revolt in 1831 that led to greater slave restrictions
What event sparked a 'revival' in Christianity throughout the US
Henry Clay's plan to unite the 3 regions of the county was called
What doctrine warned European nations to not colonize American ports
What established the line separating slaveryat the 36 30 line
In the controversial election of 1824, John Quincy Adams defeated
The 'corrupt bargain' refers to a deal between John Quincy Adams and who
Who led movements to reform asylums and prisons
Who was a former slave and abolitionist leader
What led to a widening gap between the North and the South in the early 19th Century
What religious group was led by Brigham Young and Joseph Smith
'Fifty-Four Forty or Fight' refers to a boundary dispute between the US and who
Who invented the mechanical reaper
What issue delayed the annexation of Texas

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