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How did the 'first americans' support themselves
The transport of Africans from Africa to West Indies and North America
The first English colonies in North America were set up with the hope for what
What must be present for complex civilization to develop
Biggest killer of natives when the Europeans arrived in America
What movement focused on human achievement
The enlightenment emphasized the value of what
What was considered the largest city in America in the mid-1700s
The Stono Rebellion was a conflict between planters and who
a country has a favorable balance of trade when the value of exports is greater than the value of imports
The Navigation Acts was meant to do what to colonial trade
What English policy caused the colonies to develop a desire for self-government
Which colony was founded on the principles of social equality and religious tolerance
During the French and Indian War, the Native Americans fought for France and who?
Where were the first shots between redcoats and the minutemen fired
What was supposed to stop the colonists from settling west of the Appalachians
What brought on indirect taxes on imported goods
The Sons of Liberty formed after which Act
Thomas Paine wrote this pamphlet that changed public support to independence
Whose concepts did Jefferson draw from when writing the Declaration of Independence
What was the result of stationing British soldiers in Boston
What two things was the Continental Army in low supply of during the Revolutionary War
The low point for the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War was what
What European country supported America in the Revolutionary War
What event/document confirmed American Independence and set boundaries

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