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The school the glee club are based at.
Glee Club Teacher
Principal of the School
Who plays Kurt Hummel?
Who gets pregnant during Season One?
Name one of the coaches of the football team.
In 'Props' who does Tina swap places with?
Who is Carol Hudson married to?
Which two characters had a summer romance?
Who is senior class president?
What school did Blaine attend before he moved?
What does Finns shirt say during 'Born This Way'?
What song do Rachel and Kurt sing during their Diva Off?
Who was the 2011 Prom Queen?
Who is Rachel Berrys mom?
Where is Rory from?
What is the rival showchoir that Shelby forms with Mercedes, Brittany, Santana and Sugar?
Where is Santana from?
Who used to coach the Glee club?
What was the name of Sue Sylvesters older sister?
What is Sam Evans nickname?
Name one of the five original Glee club members.
Who is Rachels idol?
Where is Nationals held in 2011?
Who is the Glee clubs pianist?
What is Quinns real name?
Who cleans pools as a job?
Who does Rachel send to a crackhouse?
What is the name of Brittanys cat?
What musical does the Glee club re-enact in Season two?
What does Santana get done over summer?
What does Sue call Kurt?
Name a Glee club member new to Season Three.
What is Quinn texting before she gets hit by a car?
What does Mike Changs dad want him to be?

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