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Basis of Philosophy
Phenomenology of Spirit
Productive Motor of History, Dialectical History,and Revolution
The Emancipatory Public Sphere
The One Will and Self Illusion
Id, Ego, and Super-Ego
Elan Vital and the Flux of Time
The Death of God
Textual Horizons and Unfinished Interpretation
Social Science of Hermeneutics: Empathy with Author
Distinction between Meaning and Textual Effect on Reader; anti-Gadamer
Divinitory Leap into the Hermeneutic Circle
The Transcendental Reduction
The Body-Subject
The Transcendence of the Other
I-It; I-Thou Relationships
Spirit, the Defining Trait of Humanity
The Religious Life, Living for Paradox, and Faith
Basis of Philosophy
Making the Self through Choices; Non-absolute Values
An Organism is More than a Sum of Parts
Mankind, Essentially Born Helpless
Langue and Parole
Layers of Meaning and Advertisment
Myth, Culture, Structure
Mirror Stage
A Structuralist Marxist
The Development of Madness; Shifting Power
Mutual Recognition Feminism and the Second Sex
The Mother and the Pseudo-Autonomous Self
Touch, Vision, Difference Feminism
Philosophy is Anti-Woman
Where are the Meta-narratives?
The Hyper-real
Phenomenology meets Hermeneutics; too many Topics

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