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Can you name the PS3 games from the hints provided?

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HintGame NameReleased
Set on the island of Skira, this 'tactical shooter designed to represent modern infantry combat realistically', is really quite hard.2009
Take your three-man squad, to sort out some terrorists, somewhere in Nevada.2007
Search for Shambhala, beat the Serbian war criminal and go back to 'last year's model'.2009
Escape City 17,or play with a new toy in the Aperture science labs.2007
Get out of jail. Then do whatever you want, but by the Nine; bring a sword.2007
War, children, it's just a shot away. Foil the bad guys in 'Nam, then 'lock & load' with Kennedy and Co.2010
Join your idiot cousin in America, in search of revenge and the American Dream.2008
Search for Dad, but maybe help the world along the way. If you feel like it.2008
You decide how the story progresses in this 'interactive movie'.2010
Kill alien invaders. It's set in the UK, but you have to an American regardless.2007
Take the fight to the home planet of those orange-eyed, heavy breathing b******s.2009
Hang out with Ghost and Soap, shooting the bad guys. Who were they again?2009
Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Get stabby in the Holy Land.2007
They're in Kijuju. They're also a massive bloke and his svelte female partner.2009
Price, be careful where you're pointing that Barrett, it cost an arm.2007
HintGame NameReleased
Take to the Old West and hunt a former comrade throughout New Austin, Neuvo Paraiso and West Elizabeth.2010
War has changed and there's no place to hide. You're just an old killer, hired to do some wetwork.2008
Tell your team what to do in this RTS. I mean literally; you can actually talk to them.2008
The lady with the electric name must choose: Monster or Crystal? Focus.2010
Search through the jungle for the Jackal. Don't forget your Malaria medicine.2008
Your enemies will be shocked as you explore Empire City.2009
Travel Italy, making your enemies 'Requiescat in pace'.2009
You're in a band. You play rock.2008
Search for El Dorado, shoot pirates (and some mutants) and get the girl.2007
Apparently, one terrorist outing to Sin City wasn't enough. Clear out the strip again.2008
The beautiful game according to Seabass. Rubbish commentary though.2009
In space, no one can hear you scream... Except for the hordes of Necromorphs.2008
Welcome to Rapture.2008
Create the game you always wanted and Share it with the world. Or you can just Play.2008

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