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QUIZ: Can you name the totally awesome Cleo things?

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Cleo-eque hintCleo-esque thing
Cleo was pharoah of this country from 51 to 47 BC
1973 film in which Cleo is a United States Special Agent assigned to crack down on drug-trafficking in the U.S.
The country that is home to CLEO magazine, a women's lifestyle magazine that mixes sex, relationship and health.
An American psychic and shaman who achieved fame as a spokeswoman for a psychic pay-per-call service from 1997 - 2003.
Hurricane Cleo hit the Atlantic most recently (after which Cleo was retired).
A children's book about Cleo in the...
The main topic of the annual CLEO conference.
Awards for honoring creative advertising...
Cleo, the animated goldfish appeared in this film...
There are how many cities named Clio in the United States (type the word, not the digit)?
Cleo, a comedy TV series broadcast during 2002 and 2003 in this country...
Cleo, who mended a family in the 2010 Helen Brown novel, is what...

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