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Can you name the Top 100 Baseball Players of all time (up to ~2001) according to BIll James?

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1He's not Jose Viscaino
2I call him 'HoWo' to my Old Man when I want to irk him.
31951 Rookie of the Year
4*'He didn't have a weakness.' -Dizzy Dean
5A Hollywood movie was made about him
6Struck out over 1700 times
7525 lifetime doubles
8The Train
9*The black Babe Ruth?
10Played OF and 1B
11Was allegedly in the KKK
12Played in Milwaukee
13Didn't play in the war years
14493 lifetime HRs
15Played for the Reds
168 OF Gold Gloves
17*Only current HOF pitcher with a losing MLB record
18They called him 'Cocky'
19Pitched during the live ball era
20Pitched for the Cubs
21Played for the Phillies
22Three full seasons batting over .400
23Died in 1955
24Won an MVP in each league
25*Most career Negro Leauge HRs with 183
26All or part of 14 seasons with Oakland
27*Nicknamed Pop
28Was five foot nine
29Won three MVPs
30Played alot of 3rd
31Hit 220 HRs for St. Louis
32Played for the Dodgers
33There's a Youtube of him getting slammed in a Wrestlemania event
34MLB Debut was in 1952
35Played 2nd Base
36363 Lifetime wins
373308 MLB games played
38311 Lifetime wins
39Final Game: 9/22/1948
40It has been said Cleveland changed their team name to accomodate his arrival
41Was born in St. Louis
42Hall of Fame in 1936
43*Known for carrying a 50 oz. bat
44Once caught a fastball with his bare hand to make a point
451994 MVP
46Pitched for a 3-10 record in final season
47Pitched in the 1890s
48Played for the O's
49He pitched for the Blue Jays
50407 Career Homers
52*'Cyclone Joe'
53Played Catcher
54He currently works for Yahoo sports
55Won two MVPs
56Played entire career in Cleveland
57In the HOF as a Yankee
58Had an impressive errorless streak
59Played 2B in Detroit
60Retired number in Tampa
61In the 3000 hit club
62359 MLB HRs
63.256 Lifetime BA
64I got mad hits like I was...
65*1972 HOF
66Final MLB Season at age 30
67*Born in Cuba
68There's a color in his name
69Played for the Giants
70Well at least I was expecting more than 96 career homers
71.334 Lifetime batting average
72Was also a manager
73Played outfield in Seattle
74In the 3000 hit club
75Played 1st and also DHed a whole bunch
76*Played CF for the St. Louis Stars
77Powerest hitting shortstop until he moved to first
78Pitched for the Phillies
791993 ROY
80Played 2nd base for Cleveland, Baltimore, etal
82Played for the Pirates
84Played OF in Pittsburgh in the 30s
85Played most of his career in Left
86*Last game: 1942 for Newark Eagles
87'This Old Cub'
881931 NL MVP
89Holds MLB records for most triples in a career and most inside the park HRs in a season
90Played for the Tigers
92Two more Gold Gloves than #91
93The NL's Alan Trammel?
94Not a telescope
95*Well-known Negro League pitcher and 2nd baseman
96His number is retired in Philly
9711-time all-star (first in '72, last in '91)
98Is credited for giving Mattingly the nickname 'Donnie Baseball'
99'Big Ed' played primarily in the 1890s
100Was twice number two in MVP voting

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