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QUIZ: Can you name the PS3 Game By Platinum Trophy?

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TrophyGame TitleHint
Ultimate HeroOn the Cover is a character who shares a name with a weather phenomenon
King of the HillIt has nothing to do with Texas or propane
Dead EchoThis game doesn't take itself too seriously...
Savior of the Universe...Neither does this one....
4.0 GPA...Ditto here, dood....
Dutiful Soldier...Doubtful you can say the same about the series this game comes from or its more dedicated fans.
The OneThis game's one of the best improvements from predecessor to sequel...
The Big One.... I don't know if we can say the same about this sequel....
Platinum Crown.... Which probably should've been said about this game's sequel
Jambo (game title)!This one is of the same genre of Pokemon Snap
Taking A LibertyI hear this game had a budget of some $90 million. They won't have to worry about breaking even if that's true.
DR 2 Trophy MasterThe hint's in the trophy name
Better Than GoldHigh five!
Cheers to You!Ignorami believe to spell the name found in this game's title with a K is wrong, but it's just the Slavic way to do it.
Determinated This terribly punned-trophy comes from a game best known for its fairly easy slew of gold trophies. And being sub-mediocre.
TrophyGame TitleHint
We Knew You Could Do ItThe host of this game also narrates 'Whacked Out Sports'
The Ultimate RewardYou have to be a pretty massive nerd to consider a digital score to be an ultimate reward. Not much of a hint, I know, but still.
100% CompleteHow many hours do I need to spend in the level creation zone again?
Toughest Soul TrophyThis game's so hawwwwwrd
Master AssassinThis game's about a badass mofo, decended from a long line of badass mofos who roams the streets of Flint, MI, taking what he pleases. I changed the plot just enough to prevent a lawsuit.
100% ClearThis comes from series of games. The latest three have this trophy; the first two have no trophies
The Lombax Triumphant This game might be the best ever with a title about time.
Legend of the WestWe're not taking about West Haiti, either.
Way out of the (game title)This trophy's title is a lame pun. Not as bad as Determinated, though.
PlatinuminaryIt's considered one of the easier platinums to obtain.
Master of FateIs the guy from Exed Exes in this one?
Going PlatinumLess musical artists go platinum these days than in my day.
Concodrance OfficerA hand figures prominately on this game's cover
Unbeatable FistA first figures prominately in this fighter's trophy title
Platinum - (game title) thank you once again and next timeA long, awkward trophy name for a long, awkward game name. There's a good chance this game's also long and awkward as well, considering its genre and lukewarm reviews.

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