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1It's a famously Europe-only NES flight sim.
2It originially gained fame as a PC title. You can build schools and prisons in it. Right beside each other. Don't know which will provide better education for the little runts.
3This PS3 game's title is an adjective followed by a certain four-lettered word.
4The title for this PC game is in Latin.
5Think of those games often considered SNES greats. This isn't one of them. Now think of Saturn greats. This hard-to-make-out cover is inspired by one of those.
6Wanna be in the cool guy game club? Better be ready to submit a lengthy paean about this PS2/Dreamcast title.
7It's of the scrolling shooter type.
8I expect this multiplatform (C64, Amiga, PC, CPC, et al) to finish last in the list of most correct. I mostly included it because the title is just too catchy to omit.
9Even some of the most jaded game critics admit they played this game largely for the graphics. While I don't believe they were _that_ good, they sure was purdy.
10You know somebody gets laid alot if they stop to correct you if you 'misspell' the title by ignoring the unorthodox capitalization found on the box of this Saturn game.
11This PS1 game, unreleased in the US, created custom levels based on your CD collection. When people still used those crusty old circles.
12Want to be humbled? Play this GBA game, or one of its progeny, online until you get the tar kicked out of you. The humbling part is knowing the person who thumped you is probably about ten.
13The yellow dominace on the checkerboard lining down bottom blow the cover most for this Arcade/Dreamcast entry. This is besides the title I've blacked out.
14This cover is a very good visual representation of the name of this European-only Spectrum/C64 title.
15This 360 (and PS3, to a lesser extent) game is often described as girl power for guys.
16The cover celebrating this multiplatform marvel has one of its blockers highlighted.
18I'll give you this nice and easy one from an SNES game mostly because I this magazine cover a tad creepy.
19I'm guessing this Xbox game has cars and stuff.
20This PS2 game has a Wii version, which I hear is also quite dandy.

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