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Can you name the answers in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

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What color is Clementine's sweatshirt?
How long has Clementine worked at Barnes and Noble?
What is Joel's last name?
What is the name of Clem's hair color at the beginning of the movie?2 Words
Meet me in ____________
Clementine erased Joel because she is ___________
How many hair colors does Clem have?
What company erases memories?
What does Rob like to do when he drinks?2 Words
Where does Joel meet Clementine for the first time?
How is Mary in love with?
Who are Joel's friends?
Are we the dining _________?
The painting made Clementine look _________
Why is February busy for the memory erasers?
Who steals Clementine's underwear?
Does Joel sleep with Clementine the first time he meets her?
What toy is Rob playing with on the beach?
Who was Joel dating before Clem?
Who does Mary quote for Howard?
Who is dating Mary?
Constantly talking isn't necessarily ___________
Memory erasing is like a night of ____________2 Words
Where does the memory erasing take place?
How many people are there for the memory erasing?
Who crashes Joel's car?
What falls from the sky in Joel's erasing dream?
Who is Howard's wife?
What are Joel and Clem eating while sitting on the couch?
Clem makes dolls out of _________
Joel and Clem see what animal in a parade?
I should have left you at the ______________2 Words
Clem is afraid of being __________
How many pills does Joel take before the procedure?
What does Joel's Mom sing to him while being bathed in the sink?2 Words
What animal do the boys have in the wheelbarrow?
What band does Stan like?
Where do Joel and Clementine like to go to dinner?
Oh my God there's people coming out of your _______
Clementine's nickname is ___________
Who wrote the score for the movie?
The last line of the movie is ___________

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