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Can you name the Plants and Zombies in Plants vs Zombies?

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Moves faster and signals a huge wave 
Wears a traffic cone on head 
Vaults over the first plant 
Wears a metal bucket 
Moves twices as fast after newspaper is destroyed 
Uses screen door as shield 
Football player, runs fast 
Summons backup dancers 
Dances as it walks in groups of 4 
Appears in the pool 
Goes underwater, resurfacing to eat plants 
Rides a Zamboni which crushes plants 
Appears on an ice trail, group of 4 
Jumps over first plant 
Carries exploding Jack in the box toy 
Floats over the ground 
Digs through the ground and appears on left 
Makes multiple jumps 
Runs away if not killed 
Steals a plant at random 
Attaches ladder to plant to climb over it. 
Attacks the last attackable plant 
Huge zombie - throws imps 
Thrown by Gargantuars 
Final boss 
Shoots peas 
Gives suns 
Blocks zombies until eaten 
Explodes upon contact (if set) 
Shoots frozen peas to slow zombies 
Eats zombies 
Shoots two peas at a time 
Free, short range 
Gives suns at night 
Fumes damage everythin within range 
Eats graves 
First zombie to eat it turns and fights on plants' side 
Hides when zombies come near 
Freezes zombies on screen for short time 
Explodes, leaving ground unplantable 
Allows planting on water 
Squashes zombie 
Shoots three peas across three lanes 
Drags zombies underwater 
Explodes, killing all zombies in the lane 
Pops tires and damages zombies who walk over it 
Sets peas passing over it on fire 
Taller wall-nut, preventing vaults over it 
Free, short range, sits on water 
Illuminates foggy areas 
Shoots spikes - can rise up and shoot high 
Blows fog/balloon zombies away 
Shoots peas to left and right 
Shoots in five directions 
Protects plants from being eaten 
Attracts metal objects (helmets/buckets) 
Catapults cabbages at enemy 
Allows planting on roofs 
Catapults butter and corn kernels 
Wakes mushrooms during the day 
Makes zombies change lanes 
Protects plants from bungee and catapult zombies 
Gives gold and silver coins 
Catapults melons 
Makes repeater plant shoot 4 peas 
Gives twice as much sun 
Shoots fumes in all directions (fumeshroom upgrade) 
From water, shoots homing spikes across all 6 lanes 
Catapults frozen melons, freezing and damaging zombies 
Collects coins for you 
Deals high damge to zombies walking over it 
Shoots cob missile dealing high damage 
Can imitate any plant for a round 

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