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HintsVocab Word
thin light lines used for guides
Measurement of front to back
Process of recording information relating to your design
Oval shape
Measurment from bottom to top
line representing something not visible
pictorial sketch in which all 3 angles are equal, usually 120 degrees, from horizon)
a long thin mark on a surface
standardization of lines used on technical drawings by weight and style
how thick a line is
to make something on a large scale
process of using length, quantity, or capacity and comparing it to a standard to determine a repeatable dimension
views of an object projected onto multiple planes
dark heavy line that shows outline of object
sketch that looks at directly at front view with side view receding at a 45 degree angle
sketch that shows top, front, and right views
Sketch that uses vanishing points
sketch that shows objects height, width, and depth
a flat surface on which 2 points would lie
A small dot on a plane that has a location
the outline of something
a horizontal or vertical line that can be used to locate something in an adjacent view
imaginary surface on which the view of an object is projected and drawn
the relationship of one part to another in a drawing
HintsVocab Word
the ratio of the drawing compared to the real product
representation of light and shade in a picture
2 dimensional contour
how large or small something is
rough drawing of something
3 dimensional body or geometric figure
drawing used to show material, size, and shape of product
the general affect of color or of light and shade in a picture
point at which sketch disappears from sight
to form a mental picture of something
measurement side to side
non numeric restrictions applied to two lines, shapes, etc. (equal, coincident, etc)
A number or value used to control the size of something
Computer Aided Drafting
adding a depth to a 2D shape making it 3D
To add notes to
Coordinates the development and use of voluntary consensus standards
the average number of a data set
the middle number in the range of numbers
Number that occurs most often
view needed to accurately portray a canted (slanted) surface
view needed to show the inside of a part

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