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Chemistry & Cells
Starting substances of a chemical reaction
Substances formed during a chemical reaction (result)
Protons and neutrons make up the:
'Floating' around the nucleus are the:
Atoms of the same element that hve different numbers of neutrons
Pure substance formed when two or more different elements combine
Bond that forms when electrons are SHARED
Bond that forms when an electron is donated/accepted
Weak 'bond' between postitive and negative regions
Minimum amount of energy needed for chemical reaction to work
Lowers the activation energy needed for a reaction
Biological catalysts
Molecules that have an enequal distribution of charges
Uniform, homogeneous mixture
Substance in which another substance is dissolved
Chemistry & Cells
Substance that is dissolved
Releases H+ ions when dissolved in water
Releases OH- ions when dissolved in water
Macromolecule that makes up sugars; CHO
Macromolecule that makes up cell membranes; CHo
Macromolecule made up of amino acids
Macromolecule made up of nucleotides
Boudary that helps control what enters and leaves the cell
Property of the membrane that allows it to regulate what enters/exits
Cells without a nucleus or other membrane bound organelles
Cells containing a nucleus and other membrane bound organelles
Cell powerhouse; site of cellular respiration
Site of photosynthesis
Movement of particles from high concentration to low concentration
Diffusion of water
Chemistry & Cells
Movement of particles from low concentration to high concentration
Water enters the cell
Water leaves the cell
Anabolic pathway plants use to make energy
Catabolic pathway organisms use to make energy
Important unit of cellular energy
Light reactions happen here
Calvin cycle happens here
Glycolysis (anaerobic) happens here
Kreb's cycle (aerobic) happens here
ETC (aerobic) is here
Main pigment in plants
NADPH, NADH, and FADH2 are:
Most important biological enzyme
Without oxygen, glycolysis will lead to:

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