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Forced Order
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Main Character
Played by?
Evil takes a human form in this character
Played by?
Regina's best friend and member of the Plastics
Played by?
The stupidest member of the Plastics
Played by?
Cady's Math Teacher
Played by?
Played by?
The 'Cool Mom'
Played by?
Cady's best friend
Cady's gay friend
Regina's boyfriend
What are Regina, Karen, and Gretchen known as?
Who wrote the screenplay?
Who is the captain of the Mathletes?
What grade are the Plastics in?
What town is Mean Girls set in?
Where do Janis and Damian take Cady on the first day of school?
What year did the back building burn down?
What did Gretchen Wieners' father invent?
What word did Karen ask Damian to spell?
Why is Gretchen's hair so big?
What country does Regina do car commercials in?
What is Regina's favorite movie?
How much is Regina's hair rumored to be insured for?
Who did Regina meet on a plane?
What word does Gretchen try to make happen?
What color do the Plastics wear on Wednesdays?
Who was Cady's first crush
How many pounds does Regina want to lose?
What follows Math Enthusiast on Kevin Gnapoor's card?
When Rachel calls Taylor Wedells's mother, where does she say she is from?
Mrs. George's implants are as hard as ____
What radio station does Regina play when they are in her room?
Who is a grotsky little biatch?
Amber Dilessio made out with what?
What is Ms. Norberry's second job?
Where does Ms. Norberry bartend?
What is Mr. Duvall's nephew's name?
What date does Aaron ask Cady what day it is?
Who throws the Halloween party?
What two words is grool made up of?
What costume does Karen wear at Halloween?
What costume does Cady wear at Halloween?
What number jersey does Aaron wear at the Halloween party?
What was Cady going to use African Voodoo on to make Aaron like her according to Regina?
What day of the week does Regina cheat on Aaron?
Where does Regina cheat on Aaron every week?
How old was Regina when she led a petition saying Janis is a lesbian?
What does Regina's face smell like thanks to the foot cream?
What song do the Plastics dance to at the talent show?
Who created the choreography for the Plastic's talent show dance?
How many candy canes does Cady buy?
What is the name of the protein bar Cady gives Regina?
What song does Damian sing at the talent show?
What can Karen's breasts do?
What store did Regina put her spring fling dress on hold at?
What language can everyone in Africa read?
What is the limit of the equation at the math competition?
What do Cady's parents get tickets to?
What actor's work does Damian love?
What is Regina's sister watching on TV the second time that she is on camera?
What kind of earrings did Gretchen's parents buy her?
What ethnicity is Janis?
Where did Gretchen get diarrhea?
What did Regina call herself in the Burn Book?
What is the Northshore School Mascot?
What time can Mr. Duvall keep the girls in the gym until?
What would Regina look like if you cut off all her hair according to Cady?
What percent chance is it that it is already raining?

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