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To Reverse the Love SpellWitch Trial
To Reverse the Warlock SpellWitch Trial
To Reverse the Woogyman SpellWitch Trial
To Invoke the Power of ThreeWitch Trial
To Move Ahead In TimeMorality Bites
To Return From the FutureMorality Bites
To Bind PowersMorality Bites
To Create a DoorMorality Bites
To Discourage a LoverMorality Bites
To Erase a MemoryMorality Bites
Smart SpellThe Painted World
To Free What Is Lost (Curse)The Painted World
To Escape Nell's CurseThe Painted World
To Attract the SuccubusShe's a Man, Baby, a Man!
To Disempower a WitchThat Old Black Magic
Sleep SpellThat Old Black Magic
To Hear Secret ThoughtsThey're Everywhere
Awakening SpellAwakened
To Reverse the Awakening SpellAwakened
To Create a MateAnimal Pragmatism
To Turn Humans Into AnimalsAnimal Pragmatism
To Reverse the Humans to Animals SpellAnimal Pragmatism
Past Life SpellPardon My Past
To Kill an Evil WitchPardon My Past
To Switch Bodies With a Past LifePardon My Past
To Return to a Present LifePardon My Past
Spell For a SignGive Me a Sign
Good Luck SpellMurphy's Luck
To Summon CrytoHow to Make a Quilt Out of Americans
To Call a Witch's PowerHow to Make a Quilt Out of Americans
To Vanquish CrytoHow to Make a Quilt Out of Americans
To Vanquish Demon of Illusion (failed)Chick Flick
To Vanquish a Libris DemonEx Libris
To Vanquish Demon of AnarchyApocalypse, Not
Demon of Anarchy Vanquish ReversalApocalypse, Not
To Vanquish the Dragon WarlockBe Careful What You Witch For

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