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Can you name the Spells used in Charmed- Season 1?

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To receive powersSomething Wicca This Way Comes
To vanquish Jeremy (failed)Something Wicca This Way Comes
To vanquish a warlock/ ProtectionSomething Wicca This Way Comes
To invoke the Hand of FatimaI've Got You Under My Skin
Safety SpellThank You For Not Morphing
To draw loveDream Sorcerer
To drive away loveDream Sorcerer
To create a stormThe Wedding From Hell
To summon KaliThe Fourth Sister
Truth spellThe Truth Is Out There... and It Hurts
To curse the warlock MatthewThe Witch Is Back
To call blood to blood (summon Melinda Warren)The Witch Is Back
To release blood to blood (release Melinda Warren)The Witch Is Back
To relinquish powersWicca Envy
To brush away your troublesFrom Fear to Eternity
Woogyman Spell (To banish The Shadow)Is There a Woogy in the House?
Charm of MultiplicityWhich Prue Is It Anyway?
To unbind a BondThat 70's Episode
To return to your own timeThat 70's Episode
To vanquish NicholasThat 70's Episode
To stir a Warlock's evil natureWhen Bad Warlocks Turn Good
To vanquish a ghostThe Power of Two
To exchange powersLove Hurts
To accelerate timeDéj? Vu All Over Again

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