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Now I could lie, by your side, all _______ for you
Well our souls are all mistaken in the same misguided way; We all end up _________, we're just choosing our own way
You can't take back, the one _________; That lives on after life it take
Our lives run different ways; Through the _______ I see you in the sun
I'm not a ________ a**h***, I do what I want, I do what I feel like
It's a ____________ that kill the best, we better stop; The walls come tumbling down
You can't kill a man when he's got no _______
The gangs stake out their own campus locale; And if they catch you _________ then it's all over pal
Her little ______ is stolen; See her put on a brand new face
Burning out, strung along; Now my _________ is my song
We are one; We are free; We are headed for ___________
Somewhere in the night there's a ________ in front of me; Heaven up above with a shove, abandons me
Sometimes I think I'm gonna drown; Cause everyone around's so __________
If you're not ____________; Then why do you let others drag you down
Your __________ has brought on my introspection, I'll escape I'll only run
All along, still believed in you; Now I leave here __________ and broken
If you hadn't _________ me I'd still be away; You're right in front of me
When you're feeling low; ___________ where you go
Watch the way the world goes; The man deals out our _________
Someday I'll try again and not __________; This time forever
SongMissing Lyric
I'm driving down to the barrio; Going ________ miles an hour cause I'm already stoned
Our __________ sees the world, not the same as before; We might as well just throw it all
You've tried being _______, you feel like a lie; You've played by their rules now it's their turn to try
Handshake and a smile gets you on through; Then turn it all around with a __________ move
If you take the __________ things; The things that we hold dear
As the _______ wind blows, my infamy grows
And you can all hide behind your desks now; And you can cry '_________ come help me!'
But she stands ________; Tears down her face
When I was a teenager; Sippin' booze with the ________; Discussing who was gonna live to be 21
When the _________ walks away; Everybody stays
And ________ moms have kids on _________; And fat parents they have fat kids too
But if he looks twice they're gonna kick his ______ ass.
My girlfriend, my dumb ________, Went up to a party just the other night
Hey man, you know, I'm really ok; The _______ in my hand will tell you the same
Your self-_________ will leave this behind; Beyond slings and arrows that rain on our minds
I am the one who _________ alone; Darkness inside blocks how you've shone
Locked up forever inside; I look to the _______ and ask why
(Hey) Like fragments of a broken mind; (Hey) I _______ by my own design
Rage burns can't push it aside now; Can't forgive this __________ is alive now
And the rain comes; And the ________ is on my head

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