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Can you name the 1930's film anagrams?

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Ybab up Gnirnbig
The Nego Diwn Tiwh
Aktnensenfri Of Redbi Eth
On Rntof Lal Utiqe het Stenrew
Triepfdei The Ofrste
Ithw Casfe Triyd Gnasle
Eon It Hgtin Endahpep
Ityc Hgsilt
Arcsea Tilelt
Lerbtoru Esdaripa In
Miintaito of Flie
Kudc Spuo
Odlob Tnaicpa
Iwsgn Mite
Hmtis Stniwganho ot Sgeo Rm
Wfalu Eth Rthut
Esgo Edsde Mr Onwt to
Edrgna Al Lsuilnio
Lhe'ls Nsegla
Ivnhaess The Adyl
Gink Ongk
Radgn Letho
Dna Yhde Dr Jlekly Rm
Atfehsre Hsoer
Amn Hte Leivnisib
Veens Wons the Ethiw Vewsrad and
Ocveride Agy The
Imtnuy No Het Unobyt
Nguga Ind

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