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Can you name the characters who said these quotes in Doctor Who series 7?

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'YOU-WILL-SAVE-US!!!!' Dalek Asylum
'I think I've just been murdered'The Name of The Doctor
'Dinosaurs... on a spaceship!!' Dinosaurs on a spaceship
'I'm loving this! The chin and the nose. You two could fence.' Dalek Asylum
'Hello Sweetie' The Angels Take Manhattan
'Since no one else in the room can see you...God knows how that looked!' The Name of The Doctor
'Don't worry Sir I think I have them rattled!'The Name of The Doctor
'...together or not at all.' The Angels Take Manhattan
'Run you clever boy, and remember me'The Name of The Doctor
'The Stars are going out!' The Name of The Doctor
'Time travel has always been possible in dreams' The Name of The Doctor
'They have come to rescue me, not you!' Cold War
'Bow ties are cool' The Snowmen
'My cube rattled!' The Power of Three
'I know! My one shot laser bolts and now its surfing the net!'The Power of Three
'Something Awesome' The Rings of Akhaten
'Welcome to the tomb of The Doctor' The Name of The Doctor
'What do you mean you keep meeting me!' The Name of The Doctor
'Geronimo!' Dalek Asylum
'Don't let him see you age. He dosen't like endings' The Angels Take Manhattan
'Horse. You have failed in your mission!' The Crimson Horror
'There are soldiers all over my house. And i'm in my pants' The Power of Three
'You bring a snogging booth? There is such a thing as too keen!' The Bells of Saint John
'We are expendible comrades. Our world is not.' Cold War
'You said I wouldn't get it wrong!' The Rings of Akhaten
'Where do you get the milk for the souffles?' Dalek Asylum
'I hate catacombs. So how come I met your dead wife?' The Name of The Doctor
'The girl who died he tried to save. She'll die again inside his grave.' The Name of The Doctor
'America's the land of second chances. We called this town Mercy for a reason.' A Town Called Mercy
'You've got until noon tomorrow. Give him to me. Or I'll kill you all.' A Town Called Mercy
'Beware the Yowzah! Do not, at this point, yowz.'The Angels Take Manhattan
'Turns out the person I killed never existed in the first place. Apparently there's no record of him.'The Angels Take Manhattan
'I invented the quadricycle.' The Bells of Saint John
'What do you keep in here? Why have you got zombie creatures? Good guys do not have zombie creatures.' Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
'I don't want to be Emperor. If I activate that bomb, it's all over.' Nightmare in Silver
'I hate the future. It's stupid. There's not even phone service.'Nightmare in Silver

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