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Gag, pol and envGag 1st, Pol frameshift, Env splicing
Surface glycoprotein HBsAgNeutralises antibodies
Resistant to low pH and protease
Cancer - hepatocellular
Inhibit ISG proteinsPKR, OAS
Shed in concs of 10^9 pfu/ml
NS2/NS3 proteases
Can grow in macrophages
Temporally distinct gene classesPox - early, intermediate, late
Expressed viral IL-10
Soluble IFNa/b binding proteins
Retains MHC intracellularlyMay result in NK missing self
Dane particles (42nm) and lipoproteins (22nm)
DNA with Virion transcriptaseTranscription of viral promoters
Cancer - Burkitt lymphoma
ZoonoticHarder to eliminate, less herd immunity
Inhibits JAK-STAT pathway
MHC - proteolytic degradationRemains largely cell-associated (like measles)
NS2 induces change in gene expression
Hep - Drugs>Vaccine
Produce dNTPs
Carried by biting insects
Hep - Vaccine>Drugs
Capsid (p24) with envelope (gp41, gp120)Gp120 binds CD4 and CCR5/CXCR4
10^6 mutant viruses produced/day
Expressed EGF to improve adjacent cellsInduces hypoxic response - biochem reactions
Destroys ribosome cap-binding complexShuts off host protein synthesis in an hour (IRES)
Virus clearance requires seroconversion
Enters by gp340 binding to CD21
Block transport of peptides into ERDecreases CTL action
Buds through cell membrane
Stimulate cell into cell cycle
Cancer - cervical or penile
Infects liver macrophages (Kupffer)
Antigenic shift and drift
VG35 Inhibits IRF3 and binds dsRNADecreases IFNa/b release
High frequency genetic recombination
Down-regulate CD4 and inhibit NFkBVpu and Vpr proteins
Acute and chronic hepatitis
3.2kb genome4 reading frames
sGP with immunomodulatory functionAlso reduces antibody count
Acute hepatitis
Soluble cytokine receptors
Entry uses E1 and E2
VP24 blocks STAT1 entering nucleusBinds nuclear pore proteins
Cytopathic effect
Cleave mRNA caps
Prevent activation of PRR cascadeDecreases IFN gamma
Systemic infection
Infects cerebellar Purkinje cells
Cancer - nasopharyngeal
Proteins produced from one reading frameLater polyprotein processing
Asymptomatic for ~10 years
Binds to sialic acid with HAHA is a trimer
Capsid assembles spontaneouslyHelical capsid
Soluble cytokine receptors
Very stable outside the host
Incubation, pre-haemorrhagic and haemorrhagic
Virions formed by internal budding into ER
Cancer - Kaposi's sarcoma
Lacks env proteinRequires co-infection with helper, src instead

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