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What is Shana's favorite ice cream?
What is the quote on the back of Shana's AP Biology shirt?
In the picture drawn by Claire Walker of all her friends as animals, which animal was Shana?
Who is Shana's favorite person in the entire universe? ;)
When is Shana's birthday?
What is one of Shana's nicknames?
Where was Shana's sweet sixteen?
What is Shana's favorite football team?
What is Shana's favorite baseball team?
What is Shana's favorite number?
In eighth grade after being knocked on the ground during a basketball game, the trainer asked, 'What day is it?' and Shana replied with what phrase?
What is Shana's favorite color?
What is Shana's other favorite color?
What is the name of the man held captive in Shana's room?
What was the final score of the White Sox vs Brewers game when Shana predicted the score?
What is Shana's favorite candy?
What is Shana's favorite animal?
What is Shana's favorite book?
What is Shana's favorite movie of all time?
What is Shana's favorite food?
Which day of spirit week does Shana never need to dress up for?
What is Shana's favorite day of the week?
Why is this her favorite day of the week?
What is Shana's favorite restaurant?
How tall is Shana?
Who is Shana's favorite Spanish partner?
Who is Shana's 'secret' stalker?
What is the name of Shana's future husband?
What are Shana's favorite gummy bear flavors?
What are the names of Shana's dogs?
What is Shana's favorite T.V show?
What brand is Shana's backpack?
What size are Shana's softball cleats? (boys size)
What instrument did Shana play in the Bernotas band?
Shana's mom once made rice krispy treats in the shape of what animal?
Shana drives what type of car?
What three sports (in order) does Shana play at Central?
During the traffic jam on the way home from the Sox vs Brewers game, what was the little girl selling to passing cars?
Who bought Shana her best present ever? (mice)
What class does Shana have second hour?
Who was Shana's old doubles partner?
What colors are Shana's favorite tennis shoes?
Shana attended what middle school?
What color is Shana's toothbrush?
Shana lives in which gate?
How long (in minutes) does it take Shana to drive to school?
What is Shana's favorite color of Gatorade?
In what magazine did Shana come across a picture of two birds 'kissing'?
What is Shana's favorite (nerdy) T.V show?
What is sketched in the picture located in the front of Shana's biology binder?
Due to multiple concusions Shana now owns what object?
What circular breakfast food does Shana not like?
Who is Shana's BFFL?
What is Shana's dad's first name?
Shana's mom brought what treat to Shana's sixth grade math/science class on her birthday?
Who was Shana's fifth grade teacher?
What is Shana's older brother's middle name?
How many surgeries has Shana had?
What tap legend did Shana dance on stage with?
What does Shana's heart have in common with a tire?

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