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Forced Order
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Hagrid's GIANT spiderA
A historian and author who was killed by NaginiB
Hermione's CatC
Harry's Mother's Patronus and Snape'sD
Spell Cast to Get a PatronusE
Seamus' last nameF
Ron's sister's First NameG
__________ SlughornH
Harry's First Christmas PrezI
Author J
Viktor ----K
To light a wandL
Aunt -----M
-------- longbottomN
To erase someone's memoriesO
------------ ClearwaterP
The D.A.D.A. prof. in book oneQ
-------- weasleyR
--------- slytherinS
Nymphadora -----T
Dolores --------U
Harry's UncleV
What Harry is W
Luna's DadX
Ball in 4th bookY
Joke shopZ

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