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QuestionAnswerring a bell?
Claire's Fave Snack in HOLLYWOOD?Abby makes her change her answer from gummies
Alicia's Fave designer?isn't it ah-bvious?
Massie's crush in BOOK 1?braveheart
Dylan's Mom's Talk show?ummmm DUH!
Kristen's Secret?scholarship is an effect of this
WHo is Claire's CO-STAR in Dial L for Loser?JERK!!!!
Claire's AH-Noying Brother?RED HAIRED SPY
Massie's Precious Pug?Claire is allergic to her when sharing a room w/Massie
Massie's signature jewelry item?Silver Microphone= Not exceptable for this gold, charming** item
Claire's Costume at her and Massie's Halloween partyTodd and Tuny Nathan help her out

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