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Acronym ClueAcronymLetter Amount
TV show dedicated to telling a maternity story.5 Letters
REM's 1987 armageddon based song (not the movie)10 Letters
1996 Wayans' Comedy about inner city life with a long winded title14 Letters
Comedy show with a lot of improvisation, both British and American5 Letters
1978 Kiss song about a fun lifestyle with little rest.7 Letters
1995 romantic British film about cartogrophers measuring a landform for a small town, starring Hugh Grant12 Letters
Game show that allows contestants to get help from students.7 Letters
1963 American comedy about a race to find a large stolen sum of money, not an angry planet.7 Letters
American TV show revolving around the underachieving bar owners at Paddy's Pub.5 Letters
Old Monday Night Football theme proving that Hank will not be alone.8 Letters

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