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A way of sending messages to large groups of people through the mail is called?...
Candidates use this to infulence the outcome of elections?
Televisions,radios,newspapers, magazines, and the internet are answers of this?...
What is the abbreviation for political action commities?
What is the favoring of one point of view?
The __________ became a campaign tool starting in the 2000's.
How much money did U.S senators receive from PACs in the year 2000?
True or False: Cup stacking is a propaganda technique?
What propaganda technique is used when you attach negative labels on your opponent?
What propaganda technique connects yourself to a respected person,group, or symbol?
When television tries to reduce campaign stories to 20 seconds it is called..?
What internet group is named after a section of the U.S income tax code, that makes them tax free?
Propaganda can include lies? Yes or No?
What reports information about what candidates say or do?
True or False: It is important to be good looking when running in an election.
What is a technique called when you tell voters that you are just like them?
What can show who voters favor at a certain time, why they like that candidate, and what issues they think are important?
How many techniques of propaganda are there?(type in words)
Why do interest groups form PACs to influence________.
Political ads are usually_______ and simple.

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