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In a campaign what is the name of the person who guides the work of other members of the staff such as Fundraisers, Speech-writers, and Media Advisers?
What is the most important form of support that the candidate's party gives to the candidate?
What does FEC stand for?
Candidates must report the name of anyone who has given them more than $______.
Bush is the _____(number) President in history to reach the White House without winning popular vote.
A person who already holds the office for which he or she is running and has a very good chance of winning again is called an ______.
Since WW2 ______(number) incumbent Presidents have lost re-elction.
Each state gets the same number of electors as they have representatives and _______ combined.
The people who promise to cast votes for the candidate selected by the voters are called the _____.
Each Elector has one vote. How many Electors are there?
To win, a presidential candidate needs an absolute majority of electoral votes. At least how many votes do they need?
''Winning'' or ''______'' a state means that a candidate's whole team of Electors has won in that state.
Is it possible to win the popular vote but not become the President?
Who makes certain that the Media shows only the best highlights of the candidate?
C______ may give $3 of their taxes each year to a Presidential Campaign fund.
FEC rules allow a PAC to give up to $______ to a Presidential Candidate in the Primary Elections.
Who won the 1992 Election?
Before the Presidential Election each Political Party in every state draws up a list of ______ who promise to vote for the Party's Presidential Candidate.
In the 1976 Presidential Elections, incumbent Gerald Ford lost to _____.
What former candidate did George W. Bush defeat in 2004?

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