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In an election in which voters make final decisions about candidates and issues is called______ ________.
The process of signing up to become a voter is called _________.
Americans have a ______ ______ to vote and participate in Democratic Process.
The two forms of elections are ______ and ______.
General elections also can decide if somebody can be ______ from office.
To vote wisely, you must become a _______ voter.
Americans have a civic duty to ______.
In order to vote, you must be at least ___ years old.
What amendment gave African Americans full citizenship?
In most states, _______ inmates are not allowed to vote.
Of all the eligable citizens, what percentage of them usually vote in the presidential elections?
More voters participate in presidential elections than in state and ______ elections.
How many methods are there to vote in the United States?
What year did womens sufferage begin?
You must be a ______ of the state in which you vote.
Each state makes its own ______ about voter registration.
An act of congress set the _______ after the first Monday in November as a day of federal congressional and presidential elections.
Voting takes place in ______ ______.
Polling Places are assigned by where you _____.
If you cannot get to your Polling Place, you may have an _______ ________ sent to you.

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