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A _____ election is an election in which voters make final decisions about the candidates and issues.
Which amendment gave women the right to vote?
What is the process of signing up to vote?
What allows voters to use a machine with levers that indicate their choices?
What type of ballot allows voters to indicate their choices on an electronic touch screen?
If you can't get to the polls what type of ballot do you cast?
What season are most primary elections and elections for local government held in?
You must be a _____ of a state to vote in that state.
More voters participate in _____ elections than state and local elections.
What month did congress set for federal, congressional, and presidential elections?
How old must you be to vote in the U.S.?
What amendment states that the right to vote cannot be denied by race or color?
In 2000, the state of _____ was the deciding factor in the election?
What type of ballot is used most often today?
What was the last group to gain the right to vote?
What type of ballot caused confusion in the 2000 Bush/Gore election?
Which state was the first to conduct an election totally by mail-in ballots?
How do you send an absentee ballot?
What type of ballot involves voters marking their choice on a sheet of paper that is later fed through a scanner?
In a ______ election, members of political parties nominate candidates.

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