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Can you name the words or phrases whose only vowel is I?

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Revealing bit of swimwear
It's used to check how much oil your car has
Team Edward v. Team Jacob series
Oscar-nominated Ali portrayer
Term for a person who might escape the country before trial
Chain restaurant known for its baby-back ribs
MS Word font full of symbols
Proof of firing; also a car ownership document
Fried seafood, popular with little kids
Meaty snack once endorsed by 'Macho Man' Randy Savage
One of the members of the Fellowship of the Ring
Another one of the members of the Fellowship
#1 song by The Troggs, or Rick Vaughn's nickname in 'Major League'
Popular cocoa brand
Particularly noteworthy moment, commonly seen on ESPN
Chess piece
Nickname for an American football
Small bird; or, a New Zealander
Time of Paul Revere's ride
Another term for a romantic movie
Mode of transportation at an Aspen resort, perhaps
'Enemies' with whom Don Quixote famously jousted
20th US State
Capital of Georgia
Roger ****, for one
Nonfat dairy product
Person who believes life has no meaning; or, Peter Stormare in 'The Big Lebowski'
Pacific island nation
Eating outdoors
Tampa Bay's NHL club
Helsinki native
_____ Fair (all-female music festival)
Soap brand with a scent called 'Ulster Fragrance'
'A priori' knowledge; inherent manner of behavior
1/20 of a pound sterling (pre-decimalization)
Separating liquids through boiling
The end.

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