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Can you name the words that become a different word with 'con' in front?

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Original Word definitionWordNew Word definition
Fibonacci, for oneFallout
Breath mint brandArena events
Geological formationCurved inward
PesterCurved outward
Common school subjectWhat Jiminy Cricket represented
LureDisdain; scorn
Treasure hunt, basicallyHostile takeover
DispatchedGive the green light
Deere productBuilding bigwig (general ____)
Not chaoticOfficer
Careful considerationEstablish communication
Hand outKeep in
Pipe; canalLead
Original Word definitionWordNew Word definition
Group of lawyersVerify
Causing havoc on the Internet (particularly on message boards)Keeping in check
World ______Curvature; peaks and valleys
Camping priorityPleased
FlatfishXBox 360 or PlayStation 3, e.g.
Ocean phenomenonSimultaneous
Take offAfrican river
Stanza pieceChuck Taylor brand
Set of 18, recreationallyLarge open space (often in stadiums)
Minotaur's islandHoover Dam material
ThickTurn from gas to liquid
HarshClamp down on
Cathedral feature, perhapsPlot

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