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Can you name the words or phrases whose only vowel is U?

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Utterance by Scrooge
Result of overexposure to UV rays
Fluffy cloud
Nitwit; blockhead; thick-headed person
Popular brand of lollipops
Pivot point on a lever
Ended a call
Popular spread made from chickpeas
2004 NASCAR Champion
Location of two American Civil War battles
180-degree movement, often done in a car
Mushroom, for one
Having slurred speech and movement after a fight or boxing match
Common nickname for mini-golf
Extremely horrific deity created by H.P. Lovecraft
Famous ancient backstabber (literally!)
Element #16
Member of the Enterprise
Fried ring-shaped snack, popular with the D&D crowd
Money managed by one person for another
Ballerina's outfit
Relatively anonymous, often used in regards to heroes
Loose Hawaiian dress
Poisonous Japanese blowfish; Homer Simpson famously ate it in one episode
Object that secures the wheel to the car
Vehicle used on construction sites, often to carry dirt or rocks
One better than a straight
'Limelight' band
Low sound; sometimes used to describe a heart abnormality

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