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Can you name the words or phrases whose only vowel is E?

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Either of two games played on a 64-part board
Zoological safe haven
#2 in pinstripes
Like certain watermelons, oranges, or grapes
Way to describe an extremely special and significant day (besides 'perfect')
Douglas Fir, for one
Jason sought a golden one
Arabian nation
John Kreese's command to Johnny Lawrence in 'The Karate Kid'
Location of some REALLY bad nightmares
Cash in (or save, perhaps?)
Band fronted by Chrissy Hynde
Person living a cosmopolitan lifestyle
Jesse Jackson, for one
Actor in 'The Hangover' and 'The Office'
In spite of that; notwithstanding
Actress Sobieski
County north of NYC
Run, as opposed to ran
Lemon-scented furniture polish
Very calm, placid
Band that's released three self-titled albums
Walter Payton's nickname
Citronella oil, vis-a-vis mosquitoes
Popular drama starring Michael C. Hall
Gear-shift setting
Apiary employee
Pins' partner?
Song sung by Redding and Franklin
Multiple-time Emmy-winning comedienne
World's largest hotel chain
Greek messenger god
Most basic substance
US Army Special Forces; had a popular ballad written for them
Person's evaluation of their own worth and abilities
NFL team that plays along the Ohio River
Involuntary reaction
Magazine for adolescent girls; or a popular Winger song
16th state

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