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Can you name the words or phrases whose only vowel is A?

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'Iron Man' band
Holy month in Islam
Where you can find Central Park
Midfielder in soccer, or primary rusher on the gridiron
Branch of Judaism followed by Madonna
Trippy bit of decor from the 1970s
Famed London square
Nolan Ryan specialty
Host of 'Wheel of Fortune'
Bill Clinton's home state
Waterway owned by the US until 1999
'Cruel Summer' pop group
He played Hawkeye Pierce
Video game with a ghost named Clyde
Grasslike plant often used for hay; or, one of the Little Rascals
1958 Ritchie Valens hit
Famed Spanish fleet
One of the Knights of the Round Table
Author of 'The Metamorphosis'
Highest-grossing movie of all time
Magician's word
His wife could eat no lean
Famous English document of 1215
'Black Magic Woman' band
'The Forbidden Dance'
Large marketplace, common in the Middle East
1999 Stanley Cup champion
Turkish pastry made with honey
Island off the east coast of Africa
For example, article and recital
Movie series that coined the word 'Droid'
Hall of Fame Green Bay Packers QB
Sinatra, Davis, Martin, Bishop, Lawford
Big play in baseball or bridge
1996 Tim Burton sci-fi comedy with an all-star cast
'It's a Wonderful Life' director
Casino card game, sometimes called chemin de fer
Bogart & Bergman classic
Song from the musical 'Chicago', later the title of a 1979 film
Massive US-based superstore chain
Eyelash enhancer
Patriarch of the Israelites
2010 Olympic hockey gold medallists
Extremely poisonous snake; also Kobe Bryant's nickname
Language of Barcelona
Home of Odin, in Norse mythology
1996 Summer Olympics site
Latin American gourd instrument
Turkish capital
Giant mausoleum in India
Former lead singer of Rufus; had a solo hit with 'I'm Every Woman'
Borat's 'native land'

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