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Can you name the words containing the letter combination 'AO'?

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Vientiane's nation
Bean used to help make Hershey bars
Artist's community in New Mexico
Turin toodle-oo
Largest city in Spain's Basque Country
Outstanding; uncommon
Largest city in the Southern Hemisphere
Native New Zealand and Polynesian tribe
Largest artery in the body
Indigestion medicine referenced in 'Rapper's Delight'
Amenhotep, for one
Communist leader from 1949 to 1976 (full name)
Supermodel notorious for assaulting her assistants (full name)
Out of order; helter-skelter
Chinese Buddhist monastery, well-known for its knowledge of kung-fu
African tree with enormous trunk and tiny branches
7'6' Chinese basketball star
Orange liqueur; or, an island in the Netherlands Antilles
Eastern Asian philosophical and religious tradition
Capital of Cameroon
Popular feature of some bars; from the Japanese term for 'empty orchestra'

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