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The first episode, Fireflash can't land on it's maiden flight, who will save the day?
The army's new Sidewinder falls down an old mine.
A woman driver causes a fire in an apartment block that's a self contained city, but a family get trapped in the basement.
Three solarnauts are trapped on a collision course with the sun, Thunderbird 3 saves them and puts itself in the same danger.
Thunderbird 1 gets shot down by a lost Egyptian tribe hidden out in a lost Pyramid
One nuclear explosion, another averted, and a camera in the disguise of a mouse. Poor Penny.
The Bank of England gets a new airtight vault, but one of their workers gets trapped inside, so Alan and Virgil have to traverse the underground.
The Fireflash is mysteriously crashing and disappearing, can the IR boys get to the route of the problem?
Alan and Grandma get kidnapped and trapped on a bridge, unable to move. And all because Alan came out of retirement from racing.
The Hood sets up some very special effects on a film to draw out the Thunderbirds so he can photograph them.
Jeff investigates a monorail, but the line is damaged and the train is left hanging off a cliff.
Penelope helps out her old friend Sir Jeremy to find his missing friend, but Dr Godber has other plans when they find him.
The navy mistake Thunderbird 2 for a danger, now it's out of action, who will save Ned and Joe when the Empire State building collapses on them?
One of Tin-Tin's old flames gets trapped on a mountain side with dangerous explosives.
A new spaceship causes the Alington bridge to collapse after a storm.
Jeff's old friend's getting his Red Arrows sabotaged, resulting in a BT relay being hit.
Brains and TinTin take a trip to Lake Anasta in the search for lost treasure, however the Hood wants it for himself.
Explosive bracelets prove a good way to ensure cooperation, be warey of the plutonium.
A duo impersonate IR, but they use it to steal secret documents. IR must find them before the government find them.
MI.5 enlist Penny's help in recovering some stolen secrets.
Two young boys accidentally call out IR, when they get trapped for real they aren't believed.
The Ocean Pioneer causes an accidental mixture of two chemicals which results in a explosion.
Penny's old friend the Duchess gets kidnapped and nearly killed until IR step in, all for a portrait of a gazelle.
After a new compound gets into the water, the alligators are supersized.
A musical code is being sent out to locate the whereabouts of a secret plane.
Clip show of stories told to Chip when he sneaks onto the Island
First episode of series two. Penny makes Jeff have a holiday, leaving the boys to deal with an oil rig that's sitting on top of a ruptured and burning oil field.
The drivers of the crablogger get food poisoning and lose control of the monstrous vehicle, and it heads towards the new damn.
Penny organises a fashion show on Brain's new plane, which is hijacked and saved by a secret safety device.
A reflective dish causes the potential to burn a line through the whole city, Parker distracts people from the danger with a bingo session.
A pirate radio station accidentally gets hit by a stray missile and comes on a reentry path.
It's christmas, and two crooks are trying to rob a bank via a toy store.

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