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Name one of Art Vandalay’s (of Vandalay Industries) professions.
Coach with the all time lowest win percentage thru WWFFL V. (Regular Season)
To the Ganja Troop’s dismay, please name the only team that resides in a state where marijuana use is legal.
What are the three WWFFL divisions?
Name the best looking coach.
Now defunct, what was the name of the challenge that saw two ex-roommates face each other?
The Ricky of Ricky’s Ganja Troop won a Heisman as the RB of what university?
WWFFL team with the most single regular season points against.
Coach with the all time highest win percentage thru WWFFL V. (Regular Season)
Coach Stephens has coached two WWFFL franchises owned by former television stars. Name one of the stars’ television shows:
Finish the sentence: 'To be the man, you’ve gotta…'
Name the LATENOTPREGNANT’s mascot?
Whose image is on the Jobber of the Week Trophy?
Who is the only coach to have left the WWFFL?
WWFFL team with the most single regular season points scored.
Name one runner-up Coach from any past 'To Be The Man Bowl.'
Like the L.A. Hucksters, name one other Big 4 sports franchise to relocate from NYC to California.
Name the Swedish Pop Sensation from which the Toledo Laz are named.
The WWFFL’s 'Trophy of Excellence' is named after whom?
Name one of Coach Park’s former team names.
Name both the WWFFL and NFL teams that have the most championships in their respective league.

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