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'Skaters' hearts are fragile. If their hearts are so fragile... Let's trying shattering his into pieces.'
'I'm used to being blamed for my own failures. But this time, I'm anxious because my actions would reflect on you, too!'
'If selling my soul is all it takes to win,I'll give you my whole body,no holds barred.'
'All I know for sure is that I have no idea how I would've found courage in myself if I hadn't come across music.'
'I wish you would never retire.'
'If you retire now, I'll make you regret it for the rest of your life.'
'I'm the only one who can skate exactly the way I want. I thought Viktor was the same as me, living for life on the ice.'
'It's something only I can do, not copying anyone else.'
'Just have more faith than I do that I'll win! You don't have to say anything. Just stand by me!'

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